Saturday, 3 October 2009

Oh my God you voted 'yes' instead of 'NO' what a mistake

You just sold your Country, your Sovereignty, and the rest of Europe to the devil. The rest of the world was counting on you.
Now that War Criminal lowlife Bliar will be appointed President of Europe - did that ever enter your minds?
You think your economy is bad now, just wait until the Globalist Agenda that Bliar and the EU represent get through with you. All that Bull shit about retaining your neutrality and ‘military’, that means absolutely nothing; they will just wait for a more pliable Irish government to take those things away as well.
I support the premise of the EU - but the Lisbon treaty is an abomination that is designed to confuse people, and one that will lead us deeper into the moral quagmire that is the mind of Tony Bliar.
You have dug Europe’s and your own grave, now your going to have to lie in it.
Good luck.


  1. Your disappointment is understandable Oscar but don't be too harsh in your judgement of our Irish cousins. They after all had the balls to demand a referendum while Brits just whined and complained. To now blame them for Britain's EU future is a little rich. However, there are still the Czechs blocking the road to tyranny and a little hope is better than no hope at all.

  2. They only got to hold a referendum because the Irish Constitution says that they have the right to hold one so the EU couldn't possibly circumvent it.
    It's the last one they will ever be allowed!

  3. Yes of course I am disappointed. The goal of creating a European Super State will have been achieved without the informed democratic consent of the people's of Europe, since few of them have been asked to give their consent by a popular referendum and if a NO vote has been given, countries have been asked to vote again, with massive amounts of EU propaganda and pressure to obtain a YES vote. I didn't see the NO campaign in Ireland being funded by the EU with similar amounts to the YES campaign.
    And BS is right to explain that this referendum will be the last.