Monday, 19 October 2009

Yellow streak Gordo has only "50 days to save the world"

Now we know for sure it's all lies, because yellow streak Brown has told us it is true.
If we only have 50 days to save the planet, starting today, can we hope that after seven weeks they will stop trying to shove 'gullible warming' down our throats?
Our strutting traitor of a prime minister is urging the world leaders to sign the UN treaty on climate change in December, known by some as the son of Kyoto. Well perhaps some might be less enthusiastic in signing away their constitutional rights than yellow streak Brown who has happily given most of our parliament's powers to the EU by signing the Lisbon Treaty.
The UN treaty, insists on the developed countries paying their 'climate debt' in cash to undeveloped states. What is more it will be governed by some sort of UN or world power. In other words it is the old communist redistribution of wealth, so we know where the pinkies and reds went after 1989. To Greenpeace and other eco-extremist organisations.
So look forward to higher taxes, higher energy bills and more unemployment, all based on suspect computer models that were unable to forecast the current decal cooling phase, and fraudulent research by a handful of taxpayer funded paleo-climatologists.
Also yellow streak Brown's defence of the stunt by President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives shows either complete ignorance of the matter or gross deceit. This fraud has been exposed ages ago in great detail. The sea levels are rising in the Maldives, not falling. The under water meeting was just a crooked stunt to get money from the West.
Remember the Ice Age predictions of the seventies! And how could we forget the Millennium Bug as we awaited the midnight hour on the 31st December and the end of civilisation as we new it!
We should beware of all experts, for and against, they have let us down too many times, just give us a balanced view so we can decide if we are being ripped off or not!

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