Sunday, 18 October 2009

Yellow streak Gordon Brown has been nothing short of a disaster for this country, his handling of any problem has been indecisive, and too late.

The list of disasters on yellow streak Brown's watch grows ever longer. Military procurement, Defra incompetence and yet, each successive billion has less impact upon us than the last. Any one of a dozen from an even longer list would have brought ministerial resignations and even brought the government down in that time, not so long ago, when there was honour still in politics. We have a former home secretary who "wrongly"submitted claims for more than £100,000 and yet not only is she not being asked to repay but there is talk of her ennoblement. If this comes to pass then contempt for the body politic will become absolute.
Our Country longs for a moderate, modest centre-right administration to demolish all this pc nonsense, to return responsibility to the individual and to try to end at last the most damaging period of UK government in living memory. Forget yellow streak Brown and Liebore.
Here we have a government seemingly ignoring the plight we are in so as to maximise its electoral advantage. One also wonders if yellow streak Brown has been promised a nice fat EU position by helping to ensure Bliar's Presidency - lets hope he shafts you on this promise as well yellow streak Gordon.
Yellow streak Brown is the most singularly unsuited individual to hold the office of Prime Minister in memory. It is appalling that, facing the most terrible social and economic challenges in decades, we are condemned to months of paralysis as he waits in hope that something will come about to salvage his reputation: nothing more.
There is one way only that he could show himself worthy of respect: that is to act to bring forward the inevitable change of government to allow the work of recovery to get started. You know what is needed yellow streak Gordon - do the right thing and put your country first and call a general election.


  1. I have thought many times over recent months that he might resign and (maybe) call a GE. I've given up this way of thinking.

    It's going to be a war of attrition. He will cling on to power until it is physically wrenched from his hands.

  2. I've also given up believing but I still like to add it to most of my blogs because I really hate everything he stands for.