Sunday, 4 April 2010

Yes bring it all back, if David Cameron offered to return some of the 80's values that labour has destroyed, he would have my vote.

Dumber and Dumber Milibands!

God almighty, even Labour's spin masters have run out of creative ideas! Do they have any idea how popular the Gene Hunt character actually is! Obviously not, so no wonder Dave is laughing! Gene Hunt reminds us of an era when PC meant "Police Constable", when they nicked criminals who were send down by judges in touch with the common man. An era when over powerful unions met their match. When immigration wasn't the number one topic, and where educational standards were more important than pretty school buildings. A time when the EU and Labour did not pry into every single aspect of our daily lives. A decade in which we were proud to be British, unlike now when we are an International laughing stock!
Gene Hunt is a hero, he is the reason Ashes to Ashes and the previous programme Life on Mars was such a classic hit. He is the star and I am sure being compared to him gives Cameron a lift, it also dispels weeks of Labour message that yellow streak Brown is the hard man.
I hope Cameron starts acting a little bit like Gene Hunt and starts rolling back the political correctness that has and is continuing to destroy a once great nation.
Also think it unbelievable that Dumber & Dumber went to Basildon to launch this poster, these two Marxists would never ever go to Essex let alone Basildon without a minder, they hate the common people, they would have been better launching in Moscow where they come from politically and historically.

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