Saturday, 24 April 2010

A vote for failure is a vote for Gordon Brown and the Labour party!

Yellow streak Brown you are truly unbelievable!
"The UK is best placed to weather the recession!"
"Labour are the party who can best manage the recovery."
" Trust me, I am a safe pair of hands."
We (the humble taxpayer) can only conclude that you are clinically deluded.
There is an urgent need to take real action to sort out the debt crisis in the economy.
Labour through yellow streak Brown have shown that they cannot responsibly manage this countries finances. They borrowed money to fund on going expenditure at the peak of the economic boom when the countries income was highest instead of saving money. And why is criticism so rarely made of yellow streak Brown's definition of "taking money out of the economy" by reducing tax or spending.
Reducing tax is keeping money IN the economy (and the converse is also true that increasing tax is taking money OUT of the economy).
Yellow streak Brown's definition of "economy" is "state controlled spending" rather than the real life economy where people spend their own money on things other than waste, non-jobs that add little real wealth to the economy (and are often little more than an alternative and more expensive form of dole that mask the true unemployment figures), and bureaucracy.
Whatever the reason, you and your mob are totally unfit for purpose.
Come on people, pick him up we want no more on this nonsense!

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