Thursday, 29 April 2010

And the Euro is what the idiot shuffler Clegg is so fanatical about enmeshing our currency in.......... vote LibDem? NEVER.

The Greek problem is the same that afflicts us, an over sized and over paid public sector.
When we are told that dustman in Birmingham earn over £50,000 per year it is clear that the tax payer is being taken for a very expensive ride. THIS CAN HAPPEN IN THE UK TOO!
If the markets decided that the UK will default, either by not repaying debt or by printing money and inflating the currency they will not lend to us. The UK government needs to borrow 167 billion or more pounds this year. If it cannot then that is the sum of the cuts the government will be forced to make because it will not have that money to spend.
The first politician to declare that nothing will be ring fenced and that every part of the public sector expenditure will be subject to proper scrutiny should be the one that gets the job of government, but then again pigs might fly, if they could get their snouts out of the trough!
They will be coming to our rescue soon if yellow streak Brown and labour win the election, and not forgetting shuffler Clegg as well. Have you read his liberal policies, and those are just the ones he mentions.
Once yellow streak Brown releases the books for the other two parties to view there will be more drastic cuts and new taxes implemented. Voters need to take heed of events in Greece and use their vote well next week. A vote for yellow streak Brown or a vote used in protest for a fringe party or shuffler Clegg will enable yellow streak Brown to stay in No 10 and condemn Britain to the same fate as Greece - bankrupt beyond redemption. He's got us well down that road already with his inability to do simple maths and his utter incompetence.
You ain't seen nothing yet and when we do see it the punishment for 13 years of labour will continue for at least a decade.

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