Friday, 30 April 2010

In summary: Cameron - competent, Clegg - unstuck, Brown - Brown.

It was beyond irony that yellow streak Brown could stand there and accept that we are in so much trouble without taking any responsibility for it. Tired, bitter, negative and irritating would sum him up.
Shuffler Clegg is proving to be a 'one trick pony' and just kept repeating his 'don't listen to these two' mantra without adding anything credible himself. He appeared lightweight, flakey, dangerous on immigration amnesty and frightenly pro European!
Tory Cameron at least addressed the issues 'head on' and although we probably don't agree with everything he said, he's our best bet by far. He sounded like a decent bloke trying to do the right thing for the UK taxpayer which is more than the other two.
Yellow streak Brown was definitely the worst performer and shuffler Clegg was a poor second.
Time and time again yellow streak PM was condeming Cameron on Inheritance tax cuts which does not benefit the rich in the way yellow streak Brown wants people to think.
As an after death tax it does not affect the 'rich' person at all. The reduction in the Government tax take means more money goes to relatives, normally from younger generations who have at lot less money, who use it to help finance their lives - by buying stuff, deposits for houses, house improvements (these improvements are often 'green' these days), cars, and so on. As a cash lump sum this gives an instant injection into the economy.
Yellow streak Brown wants this money to be an instant injection into the Government so he can spray it up against the nearest wall in the name of socialist dogma. Wasted, wasted, wasted.
Can someone please help me with the idealogical justification of this tax other than pure envy and treasury desperation.

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