Sunday, 25 April 2010

"God helps those who help themselves to get rid of yellow streak Brown"

Psychologically flawed yellow streak Brown now resorts to invoking sanctions from 'on high' to help his campaign. Invoking God to give him more time in office, more time to abuse power is absolutely insane.It is blasphemy. This man is definitely 'NUTS'. With his ratings lower than Michael Foot, Jonah yellow streak Brown is doomed to get the biggest defeat in the polls in history. That would be rough justice for the worst Prime Minister in history, a man who has virtually destroyed our country. The electorate will exact full and just revenge, or he could regard it as justice being delivered from 'on high.' I'm sick to death of the clunking fist and its ways... its over, finally, after the years of unelected dictatorship and the tyranny of that arrogant smarmy yellow streak Brown nose sniffing the bum every blackface in the country.
Come May, the lambs will be frolicking in the fields, and yellow streak Brown will be a forgotten colour forever associated with winter. Then the sheep of the highlands will remain unmolested and poor through another starvation regimen.

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