Saturday, 3 April 2010

Yellow streak Brown will be putting his great mate B-Liar up for Pope next!

Yellow streak Brown borrowed religious language for his election fight today as he claimed his Government was the nation's 'Good Samaritan' which would not 'pass by on the other side'.
How can labour be the good Samaritan when it continues to lie and deceive the people of Britain.Considering the way this government have collaborated with just about every possible law that can be introduced to prevent Christians practising and preaching their faith and permitting all other faiths to prosper this must be about the biggest exercise in hypocrisy he has been involved in. I just think as the election gets closer he is deluding himself. I'm sure that yellow streak Brown wouldn't 'pass by on the other side of the road'. He'd nip across and riffle through your pockets first, give you a kick in the lower region, then tell you how kind he had been by not kicking as hard as he could have. He refuses to listen to the complaints of the main electorate, and if there is any common sense out there the sooner labour are voted out and either of the two other main parties voted in with a clear majority, the better it will be for everyone.

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