Thursday, 8 April 2010

What a great day...last ever yellow streak Brown PMQs !(I pray for someone who will tell the truth)

It is embarrassing to look at those on yellow streak Brown's front and back benches - a government of woefully inept politicians, a cabinet that , due to abject failure, has had to be re-shuffled so many times they have been rendered "punch" drunk. Following the enforced banishment to the back benches of the serial abusers of the expenses system (Beckett, Smith, Blears, and all but a few) and the admission byByers, Hoon, Moran and Hewitson that they are stepping down to begin new careers in political prostitution, this government will go into the history books as the most reviled, corrupt, contemptible bunch of individuals ever elected. Yellow streak Brown should never have been allowed to pick up the keys to no.10. He is without doubt the most incompetent Prime Minister there has been in my lifetime and there have been some. I think of Douglas- Home, Heath and Major and yet they stand as giants along side yellow streak Brown . To base an election on a class war theme strikes me as crass when he owes his present position to the organising and oratory skills of Bliar who was educated at Fettes- the "Eton" of the North. But on the other hand whats left for yellow streak Brown? Nothing at all.

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