Monday, 26 April 2010

Whatever the result I think Clegg will end up going the way of Owen/Steel and Ashdown.

The only way to make sure we do not get Liebore or yellow streak Brown for another 5 years is to give David Cameron a clear majority.
Shuffler Clegg is being deliberately manipulative towards Labour and Tory voters in different marginal seats because he cannot even be certain there will be a hung parliament. The mistake of the Lib Dems has always been to assume that they have no chance ever of winning an election under the current system and that until 97 they hadn't even developed a strategy for tactically winning seats off the Tories and Labour in different parts of the country.
David Johnson on the politics show talking to Jeremy Paxman said, and it is unbelievable, that because we are still on the old system whereby even if one candidate got the most votes, Labour would still claim to have won because they would claim to have the most seats and would not vacate No 10. Now they say, wait for it, they would even consider changing our PM, again unelected, if it would cement a deal with the Lib Dems. That means a vote for the Lib Dems could mean a vote for scary Balls, Harperson, or postman Pat, all scary. Scary Balls has ruined education, Harriet Harperson is currently socially engineering with women and Alan Johnson, postman Pat won't loose sleep over 70 mill immigrants. So there's not much choice is there!