Wednesday, 14 April 2010

It should be yellow streak Brown hung by the neck not the next Parliament.

Looking at the huge gulf between the parties, and how Labour has ruined the UK in just 13 years, I am flabbergasted that the latest polls suggest yellow streak Brown could remain as PM.
30 years ago, the electorate was far different. There were far fewer benefit scroungers, far fewer "Public Servants" in non-jobs such as "Outreach Officer", it had not been gerrymandered by ZaNu Lab, and there were far fewer immigrants. That electorate would in the circumstances presented to it today, have returned a landslide Conservative Government. Not a hung parliament. So stop pussyfooting around Cameron!
Trying to please everyone won't work. If you can't get on top of labour after the mess they have put the country in then you don't deserve a chance. Come out fighting. Get stuck into yellow streak Brown. He was Chancellor of the Exchequer for ten years leading up to the financial mess we're in. He was part of the cabal that took the UK into Iraq and now Afghanistan and he was never elected leader by the people. The UK is in a terrible mess so start telling people what a mess the country is in and who has been responsible. Crikey if you haven't got the people around you who can articulate these things then get some. I can name you someone now who could do the job, and then there is me! I'm not joking. Start showing some balls.

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