Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Why does Gordon Brown use the phrase 'let's be honest' in every interview he gives?

Is it possibly because every other sentence he delivers is a complete lie?

Yellow streak Brown seemed surprised to be greeted by his audience as he was today, what does that say about his judgement. He was always going to be put on the spot when he made himself available to the British Public, no surprise to me, so why was it to him?
For several hours the BBC web site just gave an error message when you tried to access the recording. The interview lasted one hour. Now it appears that you can listen to the interview, but it is now its only 15 minutes. That means 45 minutes of Brown being questioned by first time voters has been removed by the BBC censors.
If the full 60 minutes is available somewhere on the web, please let me know, because the 15 minute edited version doesn't even remotely correspond to the two 4 minute video versions that were available on the BBC web site.
I think we need a BBC Censorship Watch to see just home much the BBC is distorting the news and its interviews.

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