Thursday, 1 April 2010

Calling Conservatives "racists" will not work this time round either. Especially now that Sayeeda Warsi is on the team.

Too little, too late. Yellow streak Brown has been at the heart of the government that has vigorously fought to bring in and protect some of the most poisonous and extremist Islamists in the world. He should be ashamed - except he clearly has no capacity for shame. He even tells porkys about the figures.

Yellow streak Brown like Bliar is an out and out liar; it has already been proved that Nu Liebour had an open door policy without the public knowledge when they came to power; basically to rub the Tories nose in it. Calling Conservatives "racists" will not work. And as soon as anything was mentioned about the numbers coming into Britain by anyone then they were smeared and called racists. So, yellow streak Brown is playing the 'racist' card again, trying to shame the voters into believing his lies. The truth is that the majority of the British public think immigration has gone too far, thanks to Labour's underhand scheme to increase the 'diversity' of Britain and create a bloc of Labour supporters by dropping all restrictions.
Remember the issues that the residents of Glasgow had a few years ago about the sheer numbers that were arriving there and the pressure that was put on them. The reply from these traitors in government was the people that are complaining are racists, and now we have that old chestnut again, but I think the British public have wised up to yellow streak Browns smears and won't be fooled by this cretin anymore. The only 'scaremongering' I see here is coming from the yellow streak PM himself who, next to the Liberals (who will legitimise illegal immigrants - sending the worse possible message to future economic migrants), is the greatest danger and contributor to the collapse of our society and culture.Even when it has been proved beyond doubt that immigration is out of control this stupid man is still in denial, another King Canute in the making. What seriously annoys about that man is how he has been totally remoulded by his PR and style gurus.
His face is caked with make up to hide his bloodhound jowls, his hair is slicked down like a wig and is motionless, his voice is breathless and rather like Joanna Lumley.
The photograph taken when he did that last shameless trip to Afghanistan revealed a paunch to be ashamed of and so clearly he now wears a corset of some substance to keep him inside those expensive suits.
They cannot obviously cure his infuriating jaw drop when he is agitated, other than to keep his mouth shut.

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