Wednesday, 14 April 2010

"Vince Cable described himself as the “elephant man” of British politics today"

But he didn't say where his from; is he African or Indian descent!
The LibDem manifesto is full of hopeless contradictions. They say that the Tories cannot find £6 billion, but maintain the LibDems will find £17 billion. They claim they are the ones addressing the deficit but they say will cut less than the Tories. Their manifesto is, quite simply, nonsensical.
Well for me Nick (shuffler) Clegg " a fairer Britain" has become "an incentive less Britain".
If people who work hard, show entrepreneurship and take risks and are then penalised by taxation as soon as they show signs of success and achievement, well why will they bother I used to buy in to the old Liberal principle of minimal government in peoples lives but the LibDems seem hell bent on the opposite. They seem to want massive social engineering which penalises achievement and which few except the idle and feckless will get net benefit from or support.
Get back to your roots LibDems, cut government, reduce legislation complexity. Minimise social engineering to those at serious risk of abuse and deprivation and focus on developing an efficient core national infrastructure.

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