Tuesday, 6 April 2010

"an unprecedented fourth-term Labour government would be..." an unprecedented disaster.

Yellow streak Brown has been running away from elections all his life, so today is the day!

One more month and Labour's is out. Yellow streak Brown will join Wilson and Callaghan as one of only three Prime Ministers to lead Britain into bankruptcy. He of course has the added distinction of also being Chancellor - personally and completely culpable for the £14,000 of debt that each of us must now pay off. Unelected, he's clung on to the bitter end, hosing public money and propaganda on the witless 20% who still think he should be at No 10. But either way, what a legacy: the disaster of Iraq and Afghanistan, record debt and economic incompetence bringing us to the verge of bankruptcy, record youth unemployment, PC gone mad, sold gold for pennies, return of unions and strikes, lobby gate, record number of useless quangos, where leaders earn Monopoly money, indifference to unfettered immigration, monumental wastage and lack of improvement in NHS and education despite record levels of investment, return to class warfare of soaking the rich and middle classes to reward the workshy,13 wasted years of regression into ASBO and broken Britain and last but not least all those MPs expenses scandal and the Lisbon Treaty.
Finally, today we have yellow streak Brown's ridiculous comparison of the economy to Wayne Rooney's leg. "His leg needs support, just like the economy". Apparently 'economic support' means additional taxes on employees and employers. I'm still trying to work that one out!

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