Friday, 9 April 2010

This picture of yellow streak Brown makes him look like a Soviet maybe that isn't so wrong!

Yellow streak Brown will do what ever he wants to do he thinks he knows what's best for the British people he listens to no one whilst pretending to speak for every one, yellow streak Brown keeps banging on about how £six billion is a huge amount of money, you are quite right yellow streak Brown it is, so why did you take six million plus from private pensions! Yellow streak Brown used that money as if it was is own personal ATM machine and now he wants people to trust him with the economy. Liebore take no responsibility for their policies, they blame it on someone else.
As someone now a pensioner in this recession and therefore someone unlikely to benefit from Labours alternative job and care plan for Labours voters, I can confirm unless you are a member of the Labour party however good your skills are Labour will lock you out of Public sector jobs. Labour wish to tax private sector jobs and prevent private sector expansion. Labour have after all caused state spending to rise above 50% of GDP, it was 52% of GDP at the last count. This is completely unsustainable and the borrowing per year is something like 18% of GDP. State spending is 52% of GDP whilst taxes collected are 34% of GDP. This is unsustainable and shows Labour are only interested in the next vote.
Labour want a socialist state, they are trying to implement it due to political apathy and also after the expenses scandal.
Today, I received through the post a circular from the Liebore candidate; she put in her pledges to me the following:
  1. Revitalise our local economy with GREEN JOBS.
  2. Affordable housing, to help people with no jobs get homes.
  3. Continue to improve elderly care, with a death tax paid by everyone with money.
  4. Bring police closer to communities, so instead of sitting in cars they will be playing games on their hand held computers.
  5. And finally! HONEST POLITICS. She must be really joking after all she will be just another SOW for the trough.
Yet again the Liebore party are so corrupt that they have selected a candidate from the Unite union by way of postal voting. The one thing that Labour have been seen to be good at time and time again is vote rigging. There have been numerous court cases involving local Liebore politicians blatantly fiddling the postal voting system. Some went to jail. But then I guess that the very reason it was introduced so widely by the Liebore government was to facilitate rigging.
There's no mention of any enconomies or how they will get Britain back into the black or even any mention about yellow streak Brown or his cabinet, it's all fictious lies from Liebore.
The UK is not Socialist but capitalist! Do you really want a CUBA?
Please vote yellow streak Brown out of power and Liebore into the political cemetery.


  1. My Chinese friend
    I really hope that you right because today is the Grand National and I will be betting on FLINTOFF.