Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mandelson + Milliband = Banana Republic.

So this unelected to any office devious snake in the grass Lord Mandelson is willing back the puerile twerp Miliband just to stay as the puppet master.

We aren't going to get rid of him on May 6 unless the country inflicts a such a devastating defeat on incompetent NuLab rabble so that it is consigned to history for decades to come. As labour have changed our country into an oppressed surveillance covered dictatorship. A backwater of Europe, it hardly matters what slime ball runs the labour campaign. It's not possible to make a silk purse from a pigs ear can you!
Mr shuffler Clegg seems to be taking " the new boy on the block" advantage as Blair did in 97. But he has shown his true colours now by trying to hold the people to ransom through blackmail of the other parties, these are desperate times.
Mr scary Balls who wants to keep our kids safe, was caught driving while using his mobile phone with his kids in the car! Treating everyone like pedophiles while teaching five year olds in school about sex. What double standards they have!
Watch the BNP, they could nip up the polls and take some seats. That would be interesting wouldn't it. Not that this election isn't interesting enough already. It's like a soap opera; Big brother verses those pesky voters.
Hopefully each voter, regardless of usual party loyalty, will vote strategically to rid us of yellow streak Brown, Mandelson and Labour; also to keep the BNP out of Britain's political arena.
Some may not like Cameron or the Tories, but in the short term he's the best bet for getting rid of yellow streak Brown and Labour for the general good of all; that must be the aim. Return to normal party loyalties next time round we must be rid of Mandelson, yellow streak Brown and Labour on May 6.

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