Friday, 9 April 2010

So now yellow streak Brown uses the grieving mother of a dead child to deceive us into voting for him - I wish I was surprised.

Part of yellow streak Brown's psychological problem is he seriously believes most people are idiots and will therefore fall for this sort of idiotic clap-trap.
Just as business leaders felt patronized by yellow streak Brown's assertion they had somehow been 'deceived' (being the naive and gullible lot they are) by Tory plans to hold NI rates steady, so I feel insulted that yellow streak Brown thinks I'll swallow his "Tories soft on crime" or "the burglar's friend" claim by his wrongly waving the Bowman DNA case in my face. Wrongly and in Bad taste.
This just serves to confirm my view that yellow streak Brown is part human, part darlek and definitely not all there at all.

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