Saturday, 17 April 2010

So Clegg will save £100B by cancelling Trident. But he then said, quietly, that was over 25 years. So by my calculations, that’s £4B per year.

Viewers say shuffler Clegg, who will to give up our nuclear deterrent without identifying any practically available replacement and wants to delay dealing with the public sector debt until even after Labour, has somehow "won" the debate.
Labour and yellow streak Brown are going to wake up and ask "What have we done?"
All that naked sucking up to Nick shuffler Clegg, who looked and sounded like the used car salesman in East Germany, simply guaranteed that Labour seats will fall to the Liberal Democrats. And when snake Mandelson and "tearful" Campbell and all the other yellow streak Brown's back room boys analyse the outcome, in which every poll puts yellow streak Brown at the bottom, they are going to realise that the coming election is gone for good. Serves them right for playing the man instead of the ball.
That is no problem in itself, for yellow streak Brown is, by a wide margin, the worst Prime Minister for fifty years. But on every point that yellow streak Brown sought to agree with shuffler Clegg the Labour record was a disaster, and it was one of the biggest own goals ever. Slick shuffler Clegg was selling a Trabant, but was allowed to make it sound like a Ferrari.
The proper approach for yellow streak Brown was to nail the total fantasy of the Liberal position, instead of which he spent the whole time trying to get Cameron.