Thursday, 29 April 2010

Thirteen wasted years under this Labour Government.

For too many years the burgeoning underclass in the UK has been able to live a relatively comfortable existence through social benefits. What motivator do they have to take-up work when they have a similar quality of life through state hand outs? What motivation have they got to work hard at school when they see their future as sitting around waiting for the next social cheque? I'm not for a minute suggesting we go back to the days of impoverished slums, but look at the developing nations & 3rd World who do not support their poor in the way that we in do. There is a desperation for knowledge and education from driven by parents and subsequently taken up by their children as they know full well that an education and securing the skills that are needed to gain work is the only way to break the poverty cycle.
I'm sorry but Labour and yellow streak Brown reeling off statements of how many billion have been invested into various Government. departments just shows how little they really appreciate how to run a country. It's not about the supply of high expenditure services it's about quality of those services and how and where that money is actually spent.
We need a change, not only of Government, but of the way we address our social issues and after 13 years of abject failure to address the most important issues facing the UK, we need a party who are ready to do something different, and that's why I will be supporting the Conservative team.

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