Wednesday, 28 April 2010

"Yellow streak Prime Minister can't handle being questioned by a Real Person!"

Having watched this clip I can't see how this woman came across as bigoted. She mentioned Eastern Europeans once. The rest of her questions were concerns about this countries debt and the were about her community and grandchildren.
Yellow streak Brown obviously expects a choreographed procession of Labour supporters to ask him scripted questions with prepared answers. His retort while driving away shows how clearly out of touch he is with his core voters and their concerns.
This is what he has obliviously been calling more than half the nation! Particularly on his policy of unrestricted immigration from outside of the EU. I think the Poles are fine. But the unskilled labour from outside of the Union is an unsustainable policy.And it is clear now, that anyone who dares challenge yellow streak Brown on this, will be called a 'racist' and a 'bigot'.
Britain can barely afford all these people and no one can talk about it.
I think people needed to hear him say that, because this is the climate he has created! And he and his mates try to excuse him for what he really thinks. This is just making it worse. His apology was just a case of him trying to extricate himself from a hole that he has dug for himself. As he has only 'apologised' for saying anything offensive and for putting himself in that position! But he still means what he said and he immediately starts thinking about himself.He is not worthy.

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