Thursday, 15 April 2010

So many people have been fooled by the Labour party. 13 years of lies and broken promises, yet still they haven't caught on?

Pinocchio Brown!

The man who kept saying its all America's fault now admits in TV interview that tighter regulations of the Banks would have been better; well its always wise after the event isn't it. And why didn't he say this in Parliament or come clean before.

So yellow streak Brown lied about banking regulation, defence spending, income tax levels...... how many more lies before people stop voting for him?
Yellow streak Brown, perhaps uniquely, is to blame for the UK end of the problem in that he had played a part in so many of the roles that led to the UK end of the collapse.
Yellow streak Brown mucked up the regulatory safety system that was supposed to catch the problem. Yellow streak Brown ran up a massive government debt that ensured he could not cushion the problem.
Yellow streak Brown encouraged the consumer debt that will ensure maximum pain as the job cuts and tax rises come along to repay UK debts.
UK history will probably record that seldom has one man been so uniquely to blame for the UK’s woes as yellow streak Gordon Brown.
The Tories may have failed in regulation terms but would not have encouraged junk mortgages to the poorest or placed the UK in such a vulnerable position debt wise as yellow streak Brown did. His epitaph will no doubt become. “I came, I saw, I borrowed.”
As for the notion that a Tory PM would have done the same thing, this is a specious argument, because what they might have done is somewhat different to what yellow streak Brown has actually done.

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