Saturday, 10 April 2010

Governments don't create jobs. Industry creates jobs. The government facilitates the success of industry through fair taxation and so on.

I just don't get the Labour parties or yellow streak Brown's logic.
Their happy to waste money on, well waste, in the public sector because it preserves jobs for people who don't really provide services and have nice final salary pension schemes. Where do they get off with that?!
When I talk about waste I'm not talking about teachers, police, doctors and nurses, the diplomatic service or the military. I'm talking about the army of admin people "managers", stats gatherers, health trust management, quango staff, people who sit in a corner filling in excel spreadsheets that no one reads and the legions of "authorities", "tsars", "watch dogs" and all the other gravy train voyagers.
We loose twice due to these people, once for the high cost of their salaries and pensions and twice because they simply don't produce for the country. 40,000 jobs, if it's that it's that, the quicker we lose them and put them to work doing something useful, the sooner we stop being a joke as a country. I'm at the stage where if anyone from Labour said grass was green, I wouldn't believe it. I'll be making my choice on what has happened to me over the past 13 years and, apart from my total dislike of yellow streak Brown and all his policies there is nothing left; just a crock of shit!
Because I know no one in the forces, I'm not personally affected by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but I cannot get over the fact that men were sent into war zones inadequately equipped. I find it particularly loathsome that the instigators of this policy are now raking in the dosh, or, like the poor yellow streak Brown, who doesn't seem to have a grasp of the figures. Is this the man who wants to continue ruining, sorry, running, the country for the next 5 years?

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