Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Labour cover is missing a hammer and sickle!

I am one of the people who have trudged through this weary landscape the past 13 years under Labour. I have heard the lies and untruths from all of them as they shore up their pensions and future consulting jobs. I have sat there with hope of a new dawn and I found nothing but bitter fruit and lies.
I remembered my father, a true Tory man and wondered what he would have thought of Hazel Blears, and countless others finally deciding to pay the tax she owed, whilst meanwhile claiming to fight for the poor and the needy. All of this has been a bitter experience and a lesson.
I have lived through a golden time last century. I have seen glimpses of morality. I have seen principled men and women struggle for their rights to vote and for a better life for their children. Then I blundered into today. Now we are in a time when morality is for sale with every shaving cur from the pencil of the latest spin doctor. A time to bury bad news. A time of the total collapse of any objective standard of right and wrong. A time when cow eyes and promises of jam tomorrow have taken the role of truth. They ask us to vote for them so they can deliver themselves a better tomorrow. All of them want to enrich themselves at our expense. They say they will make us all equal. Like Somalia, everyone is equal there as everyone has nothing. It's not about you and me. It's about them and their better fairer tomorrow, a better fairer tomorrow for them. Personally I can't vote for anyone less honest than me, nor will I.
Honest citizens cannot get legal aid in most cases these days but these Labour MPs can, even though they will get a substantial pay-off when kicked out on May 6th! Tells you all you need to know about Labour - rotten to the core. Don't vote Labour, vote for anyone else or spoil your ballot - but vote to show your disgust with them

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