Thursday, 22 April 2010

2.5 million unemployed and you ain't seen nothing yet! Sterling will tumble under the weight of the welfare and non-job state.

2.5 million unemployed and yet figures show in the region of 98% of all new jobs went to incoming migrants. This is unalloyed, shameless, in your face treachery.
Only a completely delusional lunatic would consider re-electing this venomous filth. If the yellow streaks argument for raising NI is that to not do so will cause unemployment to rise because of money taken out of the economy. Will he please state why £6 Billion is bad for us but £170 Billion to bribe investors to buy Gilts is not.
How bailing Banks out to the tune of £125 Billion protected jobs yet Banks shed them in the thousands and then, in some cases, posted record profits.
How selling all our Gold reserves at one of the lowest market lows protected jobs. How plans to sell off National assets to private and foreign business will protect jobs.
And most importantly how, on admitting his government got immigration and Bank financial controls so spectacularly wrong he is able to convince anyone he can put it all right. Lets face it they don't have a strategy except ruination so that they can lord it over everyone else. Wake up; Liebore is the enemy within and has always been the same.

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