Wednesday, 7 April 2010

What's the point of saving?

Remember this fraudster. She like many others stole our savings!

The verdict will be simple - that yellow streak Brown has been a disaster for Britain and for the Labour Party.
Yellow streak Brown engineered massive public over-spending and to a minor degree a redistribution of income and wealth in favour of the poorest but all with borrowed money, public and private. Now the taxation will have to be imposed to pay for all of these borrowings but with the added burden of the massive interest due.
Dumbledorf Darling's Herculean efforts saved the day in the autumn of 2008 but the prospect post-election facing any new Chancellor is horrendous. The prospect of yellow streak Brown returning to No.10 Downing Street and installing 'hold' your Balls next door is too horrible to contemplate. The Cubanisation of Britain!
As to savings - forget them, they will be confiscated through inflation

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