Monday, 12 April 2010

After Labour's previous manifesto promised a European referendum , I don't think anybody is likely to believe this manifesto and why should they?

Electors "Believe me at you peril"

A desperate manifesto from a desperate loser. Come on people, do you really believe this crock of shit? Why on earth would you believe this man when he has lied to you repeatedly? It's what he hasn't said that's worrying. If (God forbid) he manages to retain power, he will complete his task of destroying Britain. His greed for money to give away will be found by ever increasing stealth taxes. Yes, he 'promised' not to raise income tax, but he'll conveniently create a few hundred more new ones. Well, I certainly feel a lot better now after yellow streak Brown's promises that "Every thing's Coming Up Roses". Not!
That's apparently how he wants to win the election by simply saying that things well be better and fairer.
Labour's "detailed plan" to cut the deficit by half over four years is simply a statement - no action plan with any any details whatsoever - and all while it ring fences all the major spending sectors!!! "Growth" will take care of everything.
Wake up people, smell the coffee! get rid of this loser once and for all.

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