Monday, 1 March 2010

This just about says it all "the Tories won one seat in England for every 41,983 Tory votes cast, while Labour won one seat for every 28,111 of votes"

Liebore have no mandate now, never mind after the next election. They stole our country and abolished democracy, you were all just too busy whining to notice. Our country is finished but before deriding David Cameron and the Tories, let's take a small look at the track record of the Liebore Government over the last 13 years which has left us with a legacy of:
• A staggering mountain of debt that dwarfs the present crisis in Greece in scale!
• Unprecedented erosion of our civil liberties in favour of the nanny knows best state, where the victims of crime are all too often punished rather than the perpetrators! “You have put your potato peelings in the wrong wheelie bin, Mrs. Law abiding housewife! I’ll have to fine you for that!” says some over-zealous council official with a brain the size of a pea! In spite of the fact that council taxes have exploded out of sight over the past 13 years we really have very little to show for it!
• Record numbers of immigrants have been admitted into the UK in a shameful and cynical two fingered salute to the rest of us!
• Progressive surrender of our sovereignty to the unelected mass of Brussels Bureaucrats (BB’s), in the process Blair and Brown brazenly reneged on a manifesto guaranteed referendum on the EU constitution, which ultimately became the Lisbon Treaty with no material change whatsoever except in name!
• Political correctness gone mad, Comrade Chair! “You can advertise for suitably qualified applicants for employment, but you cannot make reference to reliability as this might be interpreted as discriminatory to un-reliable persons”! What is the country coming to when this is your benchmark for seeking qualified people?
• And the rest goes on and on.
Whilst Conservative politicians for example are not blameless for the abuse of parliamentary expense allowance claims, Liebore members have been all too consistently statistically proven guilty of effectively bilking the taxpayer in many more cases than all other political parties combined! Some of these thieves are even trying to argue immunity from prosecution in terms of some woefully outdated statutory legal loophole inherited from a bygone Jurassic political era!
Disturbingly, significant numbers of voters are indicating a willingness to back UKIP and the BNP! Can we afford to hand yellow streak Brown and snake Mandelson another meal ticket for the next 5 years, to gorge themselves on the last remaining scraps? We cannot possibly go to the IMF cap in hand as we did before Mrs Thatcher defeated the last load of profligates! The cupboard is bare as it is! Do we really want to bequeath this legacy to future generations?
When you peel away the veneer of the past 13 years the facts of our demise are painfully clear! The Liebore party have had their chance and botched it badly in true time honoured fashion! Now it is time for change and we owe it to ourselves to rationally and objectively look at the alternatives, which are readily available! There are a multitude of Conservative policies for consideration in the public domain, many of which the Liebore Party have jumped on and promoted as their own in the past!
But before voting, maybe spare a thought for this, regardless of which party is elected our front line services are inevitably going to suffer painful cuts! Under Liebore jobs will continue to be lost as more of our manufacturing base shrinks and is relocated more cost effectively overseas, and our taxes are going to remain high for the foreseeable future in an effort to balance the books! This is an inescapable fact! The incurring of further debt is simply not credible!
Herein lies the reality and the cost of 13 years of irresponsible Liebore government profligacy and deceit! Can any of us afford more of the same, sitting idly by whilst unelected ministers hastily elevated to the House of Lords dictate to and control us, and “Quangocrats” and a grossly bloated civil service continue to drain our life blood away all in the interests of perpetuating the self serving and opportunistic Liebore survival plan?
Please let some common sense prevail and let us witness the demise of this incompetent government as soon as possible based on facts and their appalling record!

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