Saturday, 6 March 2010

Nothing is ever yellow streak Browns fault, it's always someone elses. The sooner this shyster is gone the better.

After watching some of the Chilcott inquiry, I noticed some of the riders yellow streak Brown put prior to any of the answers. Example; instead of answering there was money for all operational requirements, it became "special operational requirements". What does special operational requirements mean? Does this mean normal operational requirments did have limits? A theme from yellow streak Brown is emerging, that whenever anything goes wrong, he is never to blame. It beggars belief, that the man who was Chancellor for 10 years and now PM for nearly 3 & loved to take the credit for the good times, now has the audacity to blame everybody else for the problems. The list now includes, the USA, Our Generals, ex-Government ministers, civil servants, his own cabinet, the police, the judiciary, financiers, bankers, in fact anybody but himself. Iraq, soldiers equipment, the banking crises, the debt crises, M.P's expenses, despite allowing members of his government to vote to keep the expenses and not even turning up to vote against them himself, none of these his fault in any way, it is everybody elses. How wonderful to be that clever & perfect.
They are letting yellow streak Brown get away with his accountants logic and missing the big points. The problem is that yellow streak Brown's budget doesn't ever match the requirements of agreed defence policy or our foreign policy. Things became more absurd when yellow streak Brown decided to fight a war without anything like the budgetary increases the US provided its forces. The point about yellow streak Brown's resource accounting was that it made holding resources too costly - which is one reason why the services end up with inadequate spares, equipment and munitions. So, the reason the army is still struggling with inadequate equipment and vehicles, and that two Major Generals had to be threatened with lower budgets this year if they didnt stop complaining publicly about underfunding was because the Treasury gave them everything they asked for.... The contempt of this man for the intelligence of the voting public is disgusting! How he can look any member of the forces in the eye beggars belief!

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