Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The scariest thing for me is that 30% would keep these people in power!

Does anyone seriously believe Labour will cut the deficit? The tax and spend party, who's support comes quite largely from some of the people who's salary and even jobs would be under threat.Yellow streak Brown is trying to fight this election on the timing of the cuts, by saying the Tories will make them too soon. He may, or may not be right.
What he hasn't said however, is what cuts he will make when he decides the timing is right and the reason for this is that once he states specifics, either the numbers won't add up or the full extent of the mess will be exposed to the electorate's horror. So, he wants to delay this nasty piece of reality until after the election.
Yellow streak Brown blatantly ignores the question, often bombarding the questioner with bombast and / or rattling off utterly unrelated "lines to take".
That this arrogant, moronic and contemptible approach receives little if any challenge from the media -- let alone the Chilcot inquiry, who's questioning of yellow streak Brown reached the deepest depths of grovelling timidity -- is a disgrace.
The media seem as far removed from public concerns as the politicians they fail to hold to account.
If he loses power yellow streak Brown will "keep going because I want a majority". What in hell did that mean? The EU aren't questioning the timing of any cuts, they just want to know what they will be - as do the UK electorate. No doubt they will also be disappointed as a result of which sterling will fall further and the prospects of enforced increases in interest rates will loom even larger.
You may or may not believe cutting the deficit is important, however don't believe for one second that Labour would reduce it. They've got previous for spend spend spend. Yellow streak Brown, still living in his delusional fantasy world where he didn't screw up, can barely even suggest reigning in spending.

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