Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Great idea Brown that will avoid anyone with principles getting the job, and thus resign your bunch of ragbags to never getting into power again.

This really worries me how corrupt Labour have twisted UK politics as they desperately cling with clawed hands to power as their utmost selfish priority. Step back for a moment from the bickering between parties, and regardless of which party you support, ask yourself this-what kind of government do we want in this country:
Do we want a self-elected bully who forces himself to the top and gets rid of any opposition or criticism mafia-style? Or do we want a leader of a party who does not need to bully his way to the top, can face criticism without tantrums in open discussion and has the support and backing of his party and voters?
Yellow streak Brown has undoubtedly been the worst PM for decades for the UK - as chancellor he sold our gold reserves at record low prices sinking our country into unbelievable levels of debt that it will take decades to recover from, he then allowed the housing bubble go crazy and inflate without any restrictions, and as a yellow streak PM he has utterly failed with the banking fiasco by allowing the greedy bankers to keep their millions of bonuses... HE created this situation, and now sickeningly he is actually trying to take credit for getting us out of the mess he and his party created! And what is more sickening, its working - the utter mindless fools who vote are now buying into Labours tricks hence the narrowing polls. Idiots!
So not only has bully- yellow streak Brown been the worst PM, he has also been the worst Labour party leader, and uses corruption & bullying as his leadership tools.
I can no longer stand Labour and all it stands for, but even if you are a Labour supporter, you can't possibly agree that this incompetent twerp is the person to lead the country. The only way to get rid of this hideous bully is to vote for another party...what a sad state of affairs this country has sunk to if that's the only way to get rid of a bad party leader, this corruption is more like an Italian parliamentary party.

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