Sunday, 21 March 2010

"exterminate them .... exterminate them."

One can just imagine the yellow streak PM, in Dalek garb, rolling through Government offices blaring "exterminate them .... exterminate them."

All public services could be delivered online within four years under an ambitious pledge by yellow streak Brown to create a paperless state and save billions of pounds.
This seems a bit too radical – designing personalised services around the needs of our citizens.
How do we solve privacy and data protection?
We solved the abuse of MP’s expenses by publishing them so MPs became accountable.
Why should our citizens not be held accountable for the taxes paid and benefits received?
Unusually high Wealth and Life style (based on benefits received and taxes paid) are the main giveaways of benefits and tax cheats.
Perhaps it might not be politically acceptable, let alone legally permissible, and would certainly offend all libertarians, but if we published the amounts of benefits received and taxes paid at each address in the UK each year we might solve most domestic and benefits fraud.
Hardly a day passes without the yellow streak Dunfermline Dullard trotting out yet another command and control cure-all. Remember the magnificently funny "Yes, Minister" episode in which a hospital with 400 empty beds was deemed "efficient" because there were no botched operations and no waiting times for medical attention. Perhaps, in the interests of efficiency, Whitehall should simply adopt the Dalek solution and exterminate an administratively "inconvenient" populace.Or what about on-line elections, on-line debates in Parliament, an on-line Cabinet, on-line surgery,on-line prisons where prisoners are kept in "virtual" cells. Come to think of it, we already have a "virtual" Government. One can just imagine the PM, in Dalek garb, rolling through Government offices blaring "exterminate them .... exterminate them."

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