Monday, 29 March 2010

George into the Lions' den. One thing is for sure, Darling and Cable will stand together, and do all they can to discredit George Osborne tonight .

Isn't George horrible for suggesting a tax cut for every working person in the country, in a recession, what a bad guy! Maybe if the government was shrunk and taxes were lowered, then the recovery might happen more quickly. Unless the government is helping the super rich or the underclass, Labour and the Liberal Democrats don't seem to be interested.
Labour are focusing on what they perceive as a weak link because Osborne looks young but they know he is no fool.
It was nothing short of ingenious to give the FSA notice that their time had run out.
The irony there is that just like yellow streak Brown is leaving a scorched earth policy on the economy so the FSA have now managed to fire on one of their million cylinders and deliver some results.
The point is its all too late and not going anywhere. Labour promised so much and in the end it was all lies heaped on more lies, sold very well by a wannabe actor supported by a serial stealth taxer who has yet to appreciate that Taxpayers deserve a fair deal.
Cameron is savvy and smart as is Osborne and together the conservative team in totality will decimate Labour with 40 days to go its going to try even the most hardy observer but one thing is for sure, Labour is finished and the Conservatives will return to power, wiser and smarter than ever before.

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