Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Can't believe anyone would still vote Labour.

The opinion polls are swinging all over the place but none of them suggest a Liebour victory.
Only neck and neck because of the dependent state that has been developed over the last thirteen years. Well guess what, there's no money left to pay for it now! Mark my words, it matters not who wins the next election and I can assure you there will be seriously tough times ahead for us all. What a mess we are in, 13 years of Liebour and all we have is a massive pile of debt and most of the country cap in hand to the state!
Liebour has been throwing everything in over recent weeks but the Conservatives have stayed largely quiet.
I have big question marks over whether Liebour can actually get its predicted vote out on the day. Their record in office is just too awful. I suspect that a lot of their so called supporters will just not vote.
If Liebour don't take a drubbing at the election - then its time for me to emigrate. If the Tories cannot win when Liebour have been such an unmitigated disaster the country is beyond hope.
We will have Liebour governments until outside events overwhelm us and there will be no way back.

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