Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Bliar the king of all snake oil salesman makes a comeback just in time to see Labour flushed down the toilet for good.

It is a well known and proven fact that these two deceitful men actually detest each other. For Bliar to come out of his sewer to back the other rat smacks of one thing only - desperation. History will show that the last thirteen years have been the most devastatingly mismanaged leadership in our country's history.
Personally, I blame Bliar for giving us yellow streak Brown. We elected Bliar in 2005, probably forgetting about the deal done in a restaurant to do a switch mid-term. But that is democracy for you. I hope they kept a copy of the signed deal on the menu.
Yellow streak Brown is a one eyed tosser who has ruined the country, Two years ago he bottled calling an election because he wanted people to see his vision for the country well we have seen it and it stinks, Bliar and yellow streak Brown are a pair of murdering bastards Bliar because he sent our troops to an illegal war and yellow streak Brown because while they were fighting the illegal war he has underfunded our troops causing more than 200 British soldiers to lose there lives
Bliar blames the global recession for everything, actually we would still have been in this dreadful mess without any global assistance. The global downturn has done Labour a favour, they have something to blame their incompetence on. It has very little bearing on the current state of the country, that self same current state of the country is because labour are totally useless and have provided us with not one but two "Leaders" with the leadership skills of a lemming.

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