Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Who in their right minds would hold Sterling?

If with changes to the electoral system the result of the next General election is a hung parliament it could be considered nothing more than fraud. This Government and yellow streak Brown have destroyed this country at home and abroad both politically and economically. If voters vote Labour back in they deserve everything that will happen to weaken the UK even more and it will be unbelievable. The pound will collapse, simply there is nothing to support it. No manufacturing industry, no minerals, farming undermined by the EU, no viable education system, just a socialist morass of equal failure for all, no edge in science or technology, no nuclear industry. Top of the league in every measure of social degradation & criminality. We have a Marxist Prime Minister mortgaging the future of the workers to buy votes from economic migrants, the idle & the demoralised. We have an unproductive, bloated public sector workforce which funds Labour's election campaign and a socialist state propaganda machine, the BBC to confuse & distract the voters. Who in their right minds would hold Sterling?

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