Friday, 19 March 2010

Bliar & Brown will be forever remembered as the worst, most self-serving, corrupt & treacherous Prime Ministers in history. They have sold out Britain

This is politics as worst. Fiddle while in office and do it better out of office. How do they sleep?
There will be more to come. Me, Cash, Cash.
No Wonder he was made a Middle East Envoy. Oil, Oil, Oil!
One can expect nothing less from an individual who spent his whole time as so called leader of this country feathering and smoothing the way for his own means when he left office. He did nothing for this country when he was in power but run it downhill, the result of which people are only now realising how far down we have gone. He has a wife who has been doing exactly the same so they deserve each other . Make them pay their own bills for security, why should we pay for his protection. If he is that worried that he is not safe, he can always employ some of the people that have lost their jobs due to his connivance with others.
The fact that Bliar is solely responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians is unpardonable. The fact that he has gone on to earn
£20 MILLION for going around the world "talking about his war crimes" is contemptible. Those who attend functions at which he is guest "speaker" must be considered as amoral as Blair.
Bliar's rise to power and ten years in Downing Street were built upon a foundation of deceit, lies spin and treachery. Yellow streak Brown has followed in his footsteps, but without the same success, as he is not as accomplished a liar.
He took us to war in Iraq on the back of a pack of lies about WMD, which we all know never existed. Perhaps we now have the ulterior motive for that war, and the reason behind Bliar's first act as PM being the abolition of the death penalty for treason.

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