Saturday, 27 March 2010

We don't need another list of broken promises. We can look at the state of the Country today, thirteen years on - that is the true record of Labour.

Tomorrow yellow streak Brown and Labour will unveil its key election pledges.

Ooops. Embarrassing mistake in my headline, of all places.
Let me correct it for you:
Yellow streak Brown and Labour unveils key election lies.
There. That's better. And more accurate, too!
A fourth Labour term would be a disaster for Britain. 5 more years of yellow streak Brown simply would further bankrupt the country and mean that Britain would be in total ruins or taken over by the EU.
No wonder Labour are having a draft manifesto, they are waiting to see what the Tories will offer. The Tories should not give Labour any ammunition at all.
This election is about Labours record in office, 13 years of yellow streak Brown being either Prime Minister or C of E. Indeed did yellow streak Brown not used to get his spinners to say Bliar/yellow streak Brown was a co-PM? All this nonsense about Bliar being the Chairman and yellow streak Brown the CEO.
Britain suffered the longest recession of all major economies under yellow streak Brown's policies, Labour has doubled the national debt and yellow streak Brown is borrowing £277,719 every minute to cover his economic failure.
Vote Labour there is still more to do give us another five years:
We have taken your Pensions.
We have taken the value of your house.
We have taken your money, made your savings useless.
We have bankrupted your country. Total national debt stood at £2 trillion this January.
We have bankrupted your children and grand children.
We have sent your sons and daughters to die in vain in illegal wars in foreign lands.
We have lied about the EU and the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty
We have flooded the country with cheap immigrant labour and taken your jobs.
We have broken the NHS.
We have broken the Education system.
We have broken the infrastructure.
We have broken the manufacturing industry.
We have broken democracy.
We have broken Law and Order, taken your DNA.
We have built a benefit society and a Stalinist PC bureaucracy.
We spy on your every thought and every move.
We have made your country home from home for terrorists.
We have laid waste to local communities, closed your pubs, post offices, swimming pools.
We have destroyed the traditions and culture of your country.
We have banned or taxed anything that moves.
This is yellow streak Brown’s vision for Modern Britain is it worth voting for?

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