Monday, 29 March 2010

Let yellow streak Brown walk down the street from Westminster without protection, and let's see how many 'lumps' the public tear out of him!

The electorate need reminding of just what a disaster yellow streak Brown has been. All the statements are true and I suspect this is only the beginning. When you think of the lies yellow streak Brown has told the scope of these posters could be limitless. A few more suggestions might be the referendum he promised, no more boom and bust, we are best placed to face the downturn etc.
To all the Labour stooges who read this, it's LABOUR who created this mess, LABOUR who have doubled the national debt, LABOUR who let in 3 million immigrants as a 'wheeze' to wrong foot the Tories, LABOUR who are creating a police state where agents of government will read our texts, listen to our phone calls and open our letters and it's LABOUR who have overseen our drop from 7th to 24th in international numeracy and literacy rankings.
Labour have done immeasurable damage to this country and it's time to vote them out before they can do anymore.
Labour said they were going to target Osborne, well as usual the Tories have acted first and targeted Labour's weakest link, yellow streak Brown, goodbye!

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