Tuesday, 23 March 2010

This just 8 hours after Harperson dismissed calls for an enquiry.

With this labour government, you must be joking!

So at lunchtime yellow streak Brown and Harperson told us it was all OK. Then by 8pm all changed and it wasn't. One assumes they saw the press reaction in between then on the TV; there was the dishonourable Lord snake Meddlesome,when challenged by Paxman on Newsnight said if Byers had ever contacted him on behalf of Tesco all he could come up with was "zero". He repeated it, "zero", in response to a separate question. For a person with the gift of the gab and a consummate distorter of facts, it did seem to me that he just wanted to kill the subject in case he said more than was good for him.
What a snake!
I fear that the public will still fundamentally perceive the parliamentary system as honourable - but with a few bad eggs. Well it ain't! Mr Hoon should be investigated by the Police / Security Service to determine if he provided any confidential information to the American Private Equity entitities that he mentioned in the video. Paid by the Taxpayer and concurrently undermining key sectors of British (and European) Industry appears entirely unacceptable. The word "treason" springs to mind. The whole system stinks of criminality. Where are the police for crying out loud?

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