Monday, 15 March 2010

Stand firm Mr Walsh. There is a lot riding on your handling of this and I don't just mean the future of British Airways.

The sooner this appalling government with its equally appalling leadership is removed from office the better.
It would seem it is not yellow streak Brown ruining (sorry I meant running) the country but Unite!
Unite will not be satisfied until British Airways has gone the way of the former British Leyland. The name "Red Robbo" comes to mind.
Does the UK really want a government subject to the controlling purse strings of Unite?
How anybody in their right mind can vote to re elect this bunch of incompetents back into office is a mystery.
These NuLabour Ministers including the mendacious yellow streak Brown have surely reached the depth of deceit when they condemn the Unite trade Union with one side of their 'kipper' face and with the other side give priority to the Unite deputy leader Jack Dromey (Harriet Harperson's husband) in placing him in a safe Labour seat at the next election.
At least one good man, Lord Adonis, has spoken up. Let's hope yellow streak Brown listens for once.

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