Sunday, 7 March 2010

One hundred million bribes just prior to an election why are we not surprised.

The yellow streak in action.

I think this shows, yet again, the complete contempt yellow streak Brown and his cronies have for the British people. He must think we're all as thick as he is if he believes we'll see this as anything other than a sick, cynical ploy to gain our approval and votes. The army has been crying out for snatch land rovers to be replaced for years, and yet it's only now, with an election just weeks away, that he decides to do something.
To remove these death traps, and it all is happening for the Election jamboree.This proves he lied to the inquiry about ample funds for war.why then were these death traps not removed sooner.He's a lying bastard and a very dangerous maniac; vote for his party at your peril.Yellow streak Brown will surely rot in the fires of hell when he is called to meet his maker. He has no soul, no compassion and should be locked up in Broadmoor.

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