Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Those who insist upon the burka should go to live in a Muslim country.

The burka is demeaning to women and denies them their right to freedom of expression and to an individual identity. It is not worn out of choice but is a religious and cultural expectation forced upon women by Muslim men. The burka is not part of British culture and should be banned.
Those who insist upon the burka should go to live in a Muslim country.Members of Parliament have absolute privilege and can speak freely in the House of Commons without interference. It is a freedom which stretches back centuries and is part of our democracy. If an MP uses "unparliamentary language" he can be ordered to withdraw the remarks or told to leave the chamber by the Speaker.
A note to yellow streak Brown and his bunch of crooks, the police are not there to serve you, but us, as you should be doing as well! Not attempting to support minority, troublesome people who want to wear a garment that should have been banned from day one!
I hope when the Conservatives get in they will immediately stop all public funding to the Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council. Islam is not, repeat not a race and this has been decided by the courts. Any police officer who arrests a person on the grounds of race when speaking about Islam should be arrested themselves and charged with treason as freedom of speech is a constitutional right so when they try to suppress it the commit treason.


  1. I have to disagree Oliver - the State has no business in the wardrobes of the nation. Folks have the right to wear any silly costume they like. It is Islam itself that should be banned as an evil, intolerant ideology that seeks to impose its will on the liberal West through deceit and intimidation.

  2. Scunnert
    I know that you live in Canada and probably there are not too many woman who wear their burkas in public and therefore that is why your views are different to mine.
    Its about time someone showed some guts in dealing with these issues and I totally agree with the French decision and I wish we did the same in our own country.

  3. On the contrary Oliver there are many here who wear the Burka and there are moves afoot in Quebec, for example, to have it banned. I personally find it offensive and yet would not ban it. I would much rather ban the whole rotten ideology of Islam.

  4. Oliver - here's a link:

  5. Scunnert
    My view is it will be much harder to ban the use of Islam, after all what would all the Muslims do?
    I will certainly read the ottawacitizen article later, thanks.

  6. Scunnert
    I have just read the article and some of the comments.I have pasted this paragraph from the article:Among 146,000 applications for health-care photo ID in 2008-09, there were just 10 from clients who asked for special accommodations because they wore a face-covering niqab or burka.
    All I can say is that it is a good job that you haven't visited Bradford,Burnley or anywhere in the North West of England.There it would be an awful lot more than 10!