Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Yet another reason to boot yellow streak Brown out.

So much for the Government engineering a weak Pound to get exports going.
Bliar and yellow streak Brown have destroyed the UK in the last 11 years. There is no business left. We have Nothing to export. Long ago NuLabour abandoned wealth creation in favour of wealth distribution.
What yellow streak Brown and Bliar have given us is a continual stream of imports i.e. immigrants from the EU who are soaking up the money that should be going to encourage business, schools, etc.
Wealth creating industry has been held down by red tape and all manner of regulation whilst the redistribution agencies continued with their economy distorting activities.
Now we are in debt, the balance of payments is out of control and the liebour party does not have a clue especially the former ex solicitor dumbledorf Darling.
Meanwhile, the Euro is failing and Europe itself will fail. Sadly, Europe is being planned so that various regions (old countries) are having their economies remodelled so that they cannot leave the EU even if they want too. The result will be economic catastrophe and some sort of civil war.

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