Monday, 8 March 2010

Snake Mandelson has no credibility and should keep very quiet.

Alternatively he could release all information and paperwork which reveals where all of his personal money and assets have come from in the last 30 years in a bid to gain credibility. I am sure he won't as he probably does not want to be locked up.
Can someone please explain what Lord Ashcroft has done that Labour non-doms haven't? Lord Ashcroft's tax status was agreed with HMRC and the Cabinet Office, of which the prime minister of the day is head. Therefore Lord Ashcroft was obliged to inform Tony Bliar what his tax status was, but was under no legal obligation to inform the the conservative party. Do Labour and LibDems make such detailed investigations of all their donors? My memory tells me otherwise. Remember cash for honours?

Quite a few interesting facts on Baron Levy's wiki page...

Here is Baron Swraj Paul

Lakshmi Mittal

Gulam Noon

On 3 June 2007, the Observer reported that he had donated £1 million to the Labour Party one of the most generous ever donations to Labour, eclipsed only by a £2m donation from the steel billionaire Lakshmi Mittal, and a similar sum given by Lord Sainsbury.
Given these facts, why is there this orchestrated campaign in all of the media not just the BBC, Guardian and the Independent against Lord Ashcroft and the conservatives? Makes me wonder who is behind it and why and guess what it's the SNAKE.


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