Saturday, 20 March 2010

Praying for the Tories!

Yellow streak Brown's government has failed on every front, yet he sees the solution as even more spending. Schools, the NHS, policing, border controls etc all cost vastly more and deliver less. Just wait until next Wednesday budget from dumbledorf Darling and you will see.
Yellow streak Brown is a deeply deluded individual in complete denial of the train wreck he has caused in the UK. Even this week he is boasting about spending even more money that doesn't exist on new public services; hence the fall in employment figures all provided by the state.
In 1990, after a 72 year experiment, Communism failed in the USSR despite enormous efforts including repression to make it work. Yet yellow streak Brown deliberately chose to ignore this lesson and massively expanded the state sector to gain Labour votes.
The scale of yellow streak Brown's excessive state spending and the resultant tax burden on the private sector is the direct route to National economic collapse and poverty for the majority of people in the UK even most of those employed by the State.
The 2010 election offers the stark choice between certain economic decline and a step back from the brink of national catastrophe.
A vote for yellow streak Brown is a vote for failure and will inevitably result in repression as a failed state tries force people to prop up an unworkable system.

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