Saturday, 13 March 2010

Heard it all before. Anyway, who can believe a word this mob says.

Dumbledorf Darling lives in cloud cuckoo land. His statements are those of a desperate government in its death throes. The dice he casts has six blanks, but he and yellow streak Brown will still call "Six" however it lands.
Liam Byrne, the shitty Chief Secretary to the Treasury, was acting as yellow streak Brown's puppet when he said on Thursday that there would be no need for further tax rises if the Government were to achieve its goals for deficit reduction; but dumbledorf Darling, the Chancellor, is said to be nervous about the yellow streak Brown line, as enunciated by Byrne.
It just shows how desperate this shambles of a government are to stay in power. They will say anything if the think it will get them elected. Yellow streak Brown is in a world of his own, dumbledorf Darling is his lapdog. they have got us in this mess by TAX and WASTE , not "investment" as they seem to call spending now. Council tax has doubled over the last 10 years don't forget, how many new stealth taxes have they introduced? They must think we are stupid.
These political 'sweeteners' for the gullible British electorate are designed to deceive but are nothing but a very rotten, mildewed, caterpillar-holed fig leaf.
If this lot get in after the May election, we should all watch our bank accounts; the debt will not go away and there is a chance it will worsen throughout the next 4 years.

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