Wednesday, 17 March 2010

There is no heart and soul of the Labour Party just Unite.

Labour down the toilet with UNITE!

Labour put party before country again, they are more interested in their own internal squabbles than the country! They are like ferrets in a sack! They are immoral, moronic, corrupt and incompetent. Labour equals Unite and Unite equals Labour, they are one and the same. Do people really want to be governed by these thugs?
Charlie Whelan is just a modern day version of Derek Robinson (Red Robbo) who caused Industrial mayhem in the 70's in Britain. What drives these people is personal greed and power at the expense of their union members.
The electorate are going to react very badly to the thought of having such powerful unions raise their ugly heads again.
Yellow streak Brown's determination to hold on whatever the price illustrates the bully attitude in the man. A label he denies but is confirmed by every word he utters.
Britain has suffered the longest recession of all major economies due to yellow streak Browns polices and Labour want to talk about who the MP for Stalybridge and Hyde. Yellow streak Brown is borrowing £277,719 every minute to bridge the gap between his failure and the commitments he has forced on the country, whilst Labour has doubled the national debt.

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