Tuesday, 30 March 2010

George escapes from the channel 4 cats den.

This evening's debate was most enlightening. Alistair dumbledorf Darling seemed to ignore the fact that Labour has been in government for 13 years and created an unrecognisable Great Britain. I do find it amazing that after 13 years of abject failure on economic policy (and everything else) that dumbledorf Darling has the brass face to blame the Tories, the world downturn, and everything else for the parlous state of our finances.
Face up to it dumbledorf Darling it's your policies that have created the problems. Tax, spend, communist wealth redistribution doesn't work. Russia tried it for decades and simply created poverty for all.
Vince Cable did also a lot of ganging up on George Osborne most of the time. The channel 4 audience must have been filled with Lib Dem and anti-Tory plants as well.
George Osborne clearly didn't fall for an elephant trapped laid for him by dumbledorf Darling and Vince Cable when they were able to say that there was indeed waste in the Labour government.
I would never consider voting for the Liberals as I felt that Cable and Darling looked as though the Liberals don't want a hung parliament with the Tories, they are closer to Labour and can work with them, therefore they seem to have an agenda to ridicule the Tories. Cable's comments about the Tories wanting to be in power to have their friends in the trough was, I think a bit over the top. Can I say that Cable isn't some sort of modern prophet. I'm fed up with his stupid grin like his an avuncular old teacher full of wisdom. Any idiot should have seen this crash coming without knowing a single economic figure. Most of the people I know have no savings, have borrowed up to their eyeballs and still live like their a c list celeb on a spending binge.

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